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The village of ‘Henley on the Klip River’ in Midvaal, Gauteng, is alive with stories … so much to say, so much to see, so much to discover…

Henley on Klip

So, what’s with the hoopoe?

I found this colourful beaded character at the Circus craft market – it is, of course, the symbol of Henley on Klip. Officially it’s upupa epops, a wonderful name!

We started this website when we arrived in Henley on Klip almost a year and a half ago, combining my media experience (I’m Jennifer) with TJ’s IT oomph and meticulous attention to detail.

I have blogged our excitement at our first experiences here and some of the happenings of the year such as the WAM Festival and the Henley Performing Arts revue.  Of course, there have been many more, but not all of them made it as far as the computer keys. My bad.

We also noted as we settled in that Henley has a communication problem. How do you reach everyone? To promote the UIP (Urban Improvement Precinct) proposal that a small sum be added to our rates to improve Henley’s infrastructure, and the fledgling WAM (Wine, Art and Music Festival), TJ and I stuck a flyer on every gate we could find. It was instructive (and very good exercise), but it still didn’t raise enough awareness.

How do Henley people keep in touch? WhatsApp groups abound. Facebook groups abound. Telegram groups abound. Nothing wrong with that, but not everybody is on one. The Henley Herald does a sterling job, but it only comes out once a month. The Midvaal Ster is great for advertising, but low on news. The traditional gossip over the garden fence is tricky when garden fences are so far apart (and lined with spikes, razor wire and electronic devices).

We don’t have the answer.

However, we needed to revamp the website. TJ is an avid watcher of social media and delights in collecting Useful Links. I had made a New Year’s resolution to blog more often, even if only in snapshots. Yes, I know, it’s the end of March. My bad.

The hoopoe? Why not! It’s a cheerful, colourful bird that visits my garden. Henley Hoopoe has a nice alliteration and, as far as I know, it doesn’t flap anyone’s wings. If it does, I apologise in advance.

The Henley Hoopoe isn’t planning to get political – other people do that – but there are lots of stories around and interesting people doing interesting and often unusual things. They deserve a squawk or two.

You’ll find a contact form on this website. Let us know what’s happening – send in your stories, events and suggestions. TJ’s Useful Links is open to expansion, so if we’ve left you out, let us know.

You can also sign up for our Facebook group – Henley on Klip. It’s moderated and we try to keep it to events and happenings to Henley on Klip only.