Goodbye Stoffel, we’ll miss you

Mark Gory

Stoffel the basset hound was our first introduction to Henley on Klip. We drove through the village looking for a cool drink and ended up at The Hound where Stoffel was stretched out in all his glory on the couch on the patio fast asleep.

I was charmed. This is where I wanted to live!

Stoffel willingly shared his couch and when he woke introduced us to boss Mark Gory who enthusiastically sold us on the village. We went home and put our house on the market.

After that, every time we arrived at The Hound Stoffel greeted us with wagging tail and led the way to our favourite table. He was very ingratiating when we ordered steak, somewhat indignant when I chose fish. He did not approve of fish. Naturally, he always got his share.

For three years Stoffel has greeted us at the car or ambled up from his snooze to say hello. He has got older and greyer, his amble slower, but his wagging tail as welcoming as ever.

I knew the day was coming when we would have to say goodbye.

Stoffel died of old age on Christmas Eve, 2020.

Go well, my old friend. I shall miss you.

From Mark Gory

Stoffel left us suddenly today returning his magic to the universe.

Well known in Henley and much loved at The Hound where he reigned, begged and enjoyed attentions from everyone, he just went to sleep in his favourite place (in the Car) where we found him and laid him to rest at “the Gums” gardens along with many who have gone before.

What a joy to have shared his life. What a yawning chasm he leaves behind.

Rest softly old man – we’ll see you on the other side.

On January 10, 2021, 21 basset hounds and their people strolled, shuffled, ambled, or were carried from Twisted Realm Creations to The Hound to pay tribute to Stoffel, led by Mandy Stolp, her family and their four ThugHounds. Stoffel’s dad, Mark Gory, was overwhelmed when the bustle of bassets arrived at The Hound that Sunday morning. He will be placing a plaque at the restaurant in Stoffel’s honour.

– Jennifer de Klerk


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