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Christmas in Henley, exploring

Christmas in Henley 2017 – quiet and peaceful. Alas, we didn’t put out a candy cane. I would have if I had known, but I dumped all our tatty tinsel when we moved. How do you get to know? No idea. I’m obviously not yet tuned into the underground radio. Christmas church services were also a bit of a best-kept secret. I consulted the Internet which wasn’t helpful, but we took a chance and foundRead More

Holiday in Henley

By Jaylin de Klerk, Hoopoe Junior Okay well, not really a holiday. Turns out we’re living here now. Me, mum, dad, two dogs, two cats, and two rats. Pet rats, not the vermin kind. Although my two little girls have definitely got a knack for adding not-so-fashionable holes in anything within the reach of their little pink paws. When dad told mom who told me that he’s thinking of moving so far, far away, IRead More

A rainbow over Henley

December 12 2017 There was a rainbow over Henley yesterday. We saw it over the trees at Fraser Park, a curve of colours disappearing in the low clouds which massed in heaps and streaks, both dark and light. And then it began to rain – again. We were on a trip of discovery, starting when I told the Man I couldn’t find the Sasol garage in Meyerton. Yes, all right, that’s dumb, but I couldn’t.Read More

What on Earth is that tree?

When we moved in, our new home in Henley on Klip had a few green trees, five charred and dead ones and several stumps. Lightning, our neighbours explained. Crumbs! They also had a couple of skeletons. The doves loved them. We watched while a whole flock, 20 or more, perched on the dead branches like so many fluffy pine cones. In a conference over the front gate and the ancient rustic wall that divided ourRead More

Cock-a-doodle doo at 3am

Early November 2017 Remember, remember the fifth of November … not that anyone really remembers. In the Big City it’s simply fireworks night, an excuse for big bangs. Our (old) suburb must have been exploding. Thank goodness, we were here, settling into our new home in Henley. I was wakened at 4am by the local rooster. At first, I thought he’d missed his calling – up until now he’s been the 3am cock. The ManRead More

Henley – the first few days

End October 2017 It’s happening. We’ve landed in Henley. Actually, I’m not quite sure where we’ve landed. Do I go by stand number or street number? Which one do I put on the gate if I want my Joburg deliveries to find me? It’s very confusing. I’m only glad we didn’t buy on The Avenue/The Drive. We’re still trying to figure that one out. No matter. It was a joy to sit on our newRead More

Heading for Henley

End July 2017 It was Sunday afternoon in the big city. Children were screaming at play, a couple quarrelling in the street, loud music from at least two locations, “doof doof” bass shaking the windows from a taxi passing by … Out of the blue the Man proposed a drive into the country. Surprised I agreed. He took the road to the Vaal, familiar as we visit the Circus Farm for lunch now and then,Read More