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Jennifer in Henley on Klip


Green light volunteers

Without the CPF the traffic would have been backed up to Saloojees!

Chilly days and (hopefully) crime-free nights

Catch up on what’s happening in your community.

The Lions are up a tree

And they won’t come down until they raise R5 000

Hunting for treasure

The Lions Jumble Sale is always a popular event

Storms and the river rises

The Klip River is running strongly after the heavy rain

Donkey days and tongue-twisters

There’s never a dull moment among the ‘whelming waters’

Signs and erections

It’s not always easy to be part of a community!

In for a lamb, in for a sheep

A flock of lambs will decorate Henley street signs for Easter

Highlights of the Henley zoo

We tend to forget we share our world here in Henley on Klip.

Making Henley Grate Again


“Are we having fun yet?” asks director Angus Gilfillan.