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Jennifer in Henley on Klip


Dog day on the trot

It’s a time to sniff around and socialise

Green light volunteers

Without the CPF the traffic would have been backed up to Saloojees!

Chilly days and (hopefully) crime-free nights

Catch up on what’s happening in your community.

The Lions are up a tree

And they won’t come down until they raise R5 000

Hunting for treasure

The Lions Jumble Sale is always a popular event

Storms and the river rises

The Klip River is running strongly after the heavy rain

Donkey days and tongue-twisters

There’s never a dull moment among the ‘whelming waters’

Signs and erections

It’s not always easy to be part of a community!

In for a lamb, in for a sheep

A flock of lambs will decorate Henley street signs for Easter

Highlights of the Henley zoo

We tend to forget we share our world here in Henley on Klip.